Pheidole of Tiputini Biodiversity Station (Amazonian Ecuador)

Here is a list of the species I have found so far at my study site, names link to photos of majors and minors. (Photos will open in new windows to allow side-by-side comparisons.)

Thanks to Stefan Cover and Gary Alpert for use of and help with the MCZ automontage system, and Kari Ryder Wilkie and Terry Erwin for providing some unique specimens.

Click here for an online key to distinguish these species

Identified Species: Unidentified and potential new species:
Pheidole ademonia Pheidole sp. nr. embolopyx
Pheidole allarmata Pheidole sp. nr. huacana
Pheidole amazonica Pheidole sp. nr. nesiota
Pheidole araneoides Pheidole sp. nr. sensitiva
Pheidole astur Pheidole sp. nr. susannae
Pheidole biconstricta Pheidole ALM001
Pheidole cataractae Pheidole ALM002
Pheidole cephalica Pheidole ALM006
Pheidole cramptoni Pheidole ALM009
Pheidole cursor Pheidole ALM011
Pheidole deima Pheidole ALM013
Pheidole embolopyx Pheidole ALM014
Pheidole exigua Pheidole ALM015
Pheidole fimbriata Pheidole ALM017
Pheidole fissiceps Pheidole ALM019
Pheidole floricola Pheidole ALM020
Pheidole fracticeps Pheidole ALM022
Pheidole fullerae Pheidole ALM023
Pheidole gagates Pheidole ALM025
Pheidole gilva Pheidole ALM026
Pheidole haskinsorum Pheidole ALM028
Pheidole horribilis Pheidole ALM029
Pheidole huacana Pheidole ALM030
Pheidole laidlowi Pheidole ALM031
Pheidole lemnisca Pheidole ALM032
Pheidole lupus Pheidole ALM033
Pheidole metana Pheidole ALM034
Pheidole micridis  
Pheidole midas  
Pheidole nitella  
Pheidole peruviana Species Changes:
Pheidole pholeops 8/23/06 - "P. lucaris" determined to be P. amazonica
Pheidole pubiventris  
Pheidole sabella  
Pheidole sagax  
Pheidole sarpedon  
Pheidole scalaris  
Pheidole scolioceps  
Pheidole sospes  
Pheidole tobini  
Pheidole triplex  
Pheidole tristicula  
Pheidole xanthogaster  
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